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Doesn't Work

The app advertises an online player option and configurable options but both of those buttons are disabled on the home page. Also the app only rolls one die at a time which kind of ruins the game (perhaps this can be configured in the imaginary options page). Want my money back.

Online Playing Fails

The main reason I bought this app was to play online with family and friends. After several attempts to start an online game, it finally got past the loading screen, then just froze. This app would be a 4 or 5 star app were it not for the online problems. Playing on a single device works well. An option to have two dice would be nice, as other reviewers have stated.

Don't buy it!

Wish I could get my money back. No option for 2 dice, count and move on your own, automatically moves you out on 5 (you should be able to choose all of your moves). Wasted $.99!!!


I want my money back

Not that great

The game freezes when trying to play online. The pieces do not move on its own. You have to count the exact spaces or else you can't move. I don't like to play this version of the game. I wouldn't recommend it.

Excellent - like the original

Great job with the quick upgrade for IOS5. My wife claims it's like what she used to play in Barcelona. One suggestion, it'd be great to remember the last selected option when starting a new game. Computer is always on by default for the second player. I'd rather see the latest choice. (And also to remember the player names).


I have tried out just about every game of this type, and I wanted to try this one for online play, but there is absolutely no one on. From the looks of the leader boards there has only been two online games ever played. Buy "Parchis HD" instead, it costs two bucks more but is well worth it.

Needs two dice

Any plans for two dice? Game is good but I don't play it because its boring with one die

Not good

This is an attempt at parchesi. However, it is very poorly done. It gives you one dice, and you mostly just have to get lucky while playing, since it gives you basically no control. The dice rolls for you, and you are only aloud to move your piece to the right square. Once getting two chips on the field, the only control over the game you get is deciding which chip to move. If they fix the glitches, which a game this simple shouldn't have game ending glitches, and added control to rolling the dice, then it will make 3 stars.

One die equals no dice!

I bought this game when it first came out, and I can tell you that at the price of free, it is still two expensive with only one die to roll. It is not the Parcheesi you think you know.

Great except for one thing ...

Only one dice? I played parchesi growing up all the time and we always played with two dice....could you PLEASE UPDATE and make that an option. Otherwise a fun digital version of a great game. Beautiful graphics!

So close to the real thing!

The first game I bought for this iPad and I love it! As friendly to play alone as with other friends. Some minus details could be improved, but they don't reduce the pleasure of using this software. Good job!


I've been waiting for a Parchisi game for like ever on any mobile device and there was never any. I just happened to come across this app by chance. Loves it. For people who don't know about this game, it's so fun and addictive. I played the board game years ago when I was a child. Thanks for a classic board game guys.

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